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A Trip down Memory Lane - Rotonda News circa 1976



This article first appeared in the Washington Star Real Estate Section

Friday, October 6, 1976

by Lew Sichelman

The first place I ran across the work of Wayne Williams was at the Watergate at Landmark complex in Alexandria. Where he designed the lush $2 million amenities package.

Now this California landscape and recreational architect is working his magic at the soon-to-be-opened Rotonda condominium near Tysons Corner.

There is one major difference. At Watergate, Williams was called upon to place the amenities in and around four buildings that already had been sited to the land. At the Rotonda, he has done the site plan as well. 

Without a doubt, the Watergate amenities were as innovative a package as had been seen in the Washington area in some time. But the entire Rotonda project is even more so. It promises to be one of the most fascinating in these parts.

AT THE ROTONDA, Williams has designed a "Renaissance Village" based on the elaborate Hadrian's Palace grounds north of Rome. The five 10-story buildings will be drawn together around a central "piazza" by pathways, gardens and criss-crossing textures, colors and materials.

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A Wonderful Experience. . .

Renneye Pike recently handled the preparation and sale of a condominium located at 8360 Greensboro Drive, #826. We chose Ms. Pike to handle the sale as a result of her ad in the Rotunda newspaper, recommendations of several friends, and finally our meeting. 

Ms Pike is competent, enthusiastic and most important true to her word. Up front she told us what we needed to do to get the most from the sale. There were several items that she said would make the sale move ahead, but they were our choice. The best part was, she said that with the help of her team it could "just happen". 

The condominium had been occupied since 1978, and had all the little rough spots that come with day to day living. Ms. Pike was able to see through the clutter and made a plan. She and her team moved in fixing, painting, carpeting, and coordinating all that needed to be accomplished. Ms. Pike's love of the challenge, and ability to communicate with me, make the project transparent. Before all the "fixing" began we had an offer, and by the time the project was finished we had eight offers. Ms. Pike negotiated and ended up with a sale price that was one hundred and forty thousand dollars higher than the original offer. Integrity and hard work, that is the way Renneye Pike operates. She really enjoys her profession and it shows. 

Thank you, to everyone involved. A wonderful experience. 

Jim Welday